Used machine for the production of concrete prefabricated elements „APM”, the machine adapted to the production of prefabricated concrete sewerage to a height of H-1 m.

The machine can produce:

– pipes from the diameter of 400mm to 600mm h max 1000mm

– bottom element of the public inlet from Ø 400 to Ø 600

– Relief ring from Ø 400 to Ø 600

– Equalizing ring from Ø 400 to Ø 600

I describe the technical condition of the machine as good, namely the construction of the machine does not show any visible wear

The above elements need to be purchased separately (the machine at the moment does not have the equipment for the production of the above-mentioned elements).

The machine was fully operational, out of service 6 years ago

It is possible to make:

-new hydraulic unit with a narrow.

– implementation of a new control, which includes: – plc control, touch panel, safety photo curtains.

Fully automatic or partial operation